Best of 66 Packages

You've found it on The Best of Route 66, a six-day itinerary that takes you on a loop through America's roadside history.

From the big city excitement of Chicago to the historic charm of Springfield, Illinois and the mighty Mississippi River in St. Louis, this once-in-a-lifetime trip takes you back to the past and down America's Mother Road - Route 66.

Founded in 1926, this highway stretched 2,448 miles from Chicago to the Pacific coast of California, opening the road west for countless 20th century pioneers.

Today, Route 66 is more than just a memory of fast cars, drive-in movies, diners and dreams. It is a living piece of American history. Modern interstate highways tried to kill Route 66. Instead, the road became a legend. And today you can drive the most exciting part of this mythic concrete trail on The Best of Route 66.

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